Connect with our sales team at Mt Hamill Lumber.


Jerry Bentler

Jerry is one of the owners of Mt. Hamill Elevator & Lumber. He has 25 years of experience at Mt. Hamill, and has worked on about every project type; commercial, residential homes/duplexes/apartments, garages, pole buildings, decks and anything in between. Jerry's detail oriented personality ensures beneficial help with each project he works on.

Marvin McGregor

Marvin has been Mt Hamill Lumber's talented draftsman since 1989. Contractors and customers alike have come to depend on his technique of drawing each project by free hand. Marvin's artistic blue print drawings will allow you visualize the true look of your project before it ever begins.

Terrell Wilson (Tee)

Terrell joined Mt. Hamill Elevator & Lumber in 1997 with abundant experience in the sales industry. In the 19 years that he has been with Mt Hamill he has built up knowledge of building material that will be helpful with any project you have in mind. Terrell is also our expert on warranty issues and provides all our service work.

Elton Moeller

Elton has been with Mt. Hamill Elevator & Lumber since 2007. His addition to Mt. Hamill's staff brought 30 years of experience as a building contractor, specializing in residential housing and foundations. His vast amount of knowledge in the building industry ensures valuable insight with any project you have.

Scott Fedler

Scott has just recently joined our staff this year. He is currently in training and will be joining our sales team very soon.